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Chesapeake Seafood Group, LLC

Little Choptank Seafood

We have the expertise, dedication, and passion to provide our customers with the highest quality seafood both domestically and globally.

Our Brand

Agua Dulce

(Sweet Water Brand) Crab Meat

Our Atlantic Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus) is wild-caught from the Cienega Grande estuary, nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains, where the saltwater and freshwater converge to create a distinct sweet flavor, similar to the Chesapeake Bay blue crab.

To maintain the exceptional taste and quality, we have brought our expertise from our Chesapeake Bay operation and implemented rigorous quality control measures. With our focus on consistency, you can trust that our product will consistently deliver superior flavor.

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Experience the

Little Choptank


Snow covered peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains
melting to join the beautiful Carribean Sea
produces Agua Dulce “sweet water” in the bay.

Strict Quality Standards

Our brand-new processing facility employs strict protocols to ensure you get the highest quality, freshest seafood possible. 

Ensuring the highest quality, freshest seafood possible

At Little Choptank Seafood, we understand that quality in food production, particularly in the seafood industry, is of the utmost importance for both consumer satisfaction and food safety. We ensure our products are fresh and properly handled during every stage of the production process. This includes using effective practices during processing, adequately training and supervising staff, and implementing effective food safety measures such as temperature control and sanitation protocols. 

We place stringent attention to the ethical and environmental impacts of seafood production, including ensuring that the seafood produced and sold by Little Choptank Seafood is sustainably sourced and caught in a responsible manner.

Little Choptank Seafood

A Family Tradition

Three Generations of Seafood and Fishing Industry Experience